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Forgery / Uttering Charges Criminal Defense Attorney in Arlington VA

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Arlington, VA Forgery / Uttering Defense Attorney


In Virginia forgery and uttering are not the same offense, although both are criminalized through statute Virginia Code Section 18.2-172. If you have been accused of forgery or uttering, it is important to note these are extremely serious charges that should not be taken lightly. Contact Arlington forgery and uttering defense lawyer Elizabeth Tuomey for unsurpassed legal representation.


What is the difference?


While both offenses involve stealing, cheating, or lying and are considered "Crimes of Moral Turpitude," uttering occurs when a person asserts by words or action that a writing is valid or good when he or she in fact knows the writing is forged. Forgery is the actual writing of something that would have a legal impact, or when the action of writing is done "to the prejudice of another's right." It sounds complicated, and it can be. However, there are certain elements of a crime that prosecutors must prove in order for someone to be found guilty of forgery or uttering.


Because the criminal penalties are extremely harsh for those charged with either of these two crimes, it is vital to consult with an experienced Arlington criminal defense attorney. Those convicted of forgery or uttering may face the same punishment as those who are found guilty of other Class 5 felony offenses, which includes up to 10 years in prison.


The elements necessary to prove the crime of forgery include:


That you materially altered or falsely made a writing with the intent to defraud; and
You did not have the authority to do so; and
The false writing was to the prejudice of another's rights.


In order to prove the crime of uttering the elements necessary include:


  1. That the accused attempted to use a forged writing as true either directly or indirectly by word or act; and
  2. The intent was to defraud; and
  3. That the accused was aware the writing was forged.


Felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanor crimes, often resulting in lengthy prison sentences. However, depending on the facts of your case it may be possible to either have charges dismissed, or seek an alternative legal option such as participation and attendance of classes or other programs including volunteering for community service, drug rehabilitation and more.


Contact The Tuomey Law Firm Now


Forgery and uttering are far more serious criminal offenses than most people realize. No one wants to spend years of their life in prison, and in some cases you may be wrongfully accused. Elizabeth Tuomey of The Tuomey Law Firm is committed to obtaining a positive outcome for every client she represents. Those in the Arlington area are urged to contact her today for exceptional legal counsel and support. Contact Elizabeth Tuomey via email or call 703-535-5577