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Arson Charges in Arlington Virginia - Arson Criminal Defense Attorney

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Arlington, Virginia Arson Charges Criminal Defense Attorney


While you likely know that arson involves the intentional setting of a fire, you may be unaware of the various acts that may be considered the crime of arson in Virginia. For example, a person may unintentionally set property on fire by tossing a cigarette out of a car window. Regardless of how minor or serious the situation is, you must consult with a capable and experienced arson defense lawyer in Arlington. Elizabeth Tuomey of the Tuomey Law Firm provides vigorous legal representation and guidance, working to secure the best possible result for every client.


Arson Charges and Penalties


In certain situations arson is punishable by at least five years in prison, up to life in prison, along with fines of up to $100,000; this is the case when a person burns a home intentionally when the structure is occupied. When the home or church is unoccupied, this type of arson is punishable as a Class 4 felony. If the structure is not a house or church, the arson is a Class 3 felony if occupied; it is a Class 4 felony if unoccupied. Regardless, a conviction will result in serious criminal penalties that impact not only your freedom, but your reputation, career, and future.


Those charged with a Class 4 felony charge may leave you facing a $100,000 fine along with a prison sentence at least 2 years, up to 10 years. A Class 3 felony charge carries at least 5 years in prison, up to 20 years, and a fine of up to $100,000. Class 4 felony charges typically apply in circumstances involving the burning of a home or other structure that was not occupied at the time of the alleged offense.


Arson may involve intentionally setting fire to other structures or buildings whether public, private, occupied, or unoccupied, or burning personal property for the purpose of monetary gain (such as insurance fraud). Depending on the facts of the criminal offense, punishment in terms of fines and imprisonment vary. It is vital to work with a seasoned Arlington criminal defense attorney when facing serious criminal charges.


Contact Tuomey Law Firm Now


Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony arson charges it is important to seek legal representation right away in order to protect your rights and so that work can begin immediately to fight the allegations against you. There are various legal options you may not be aware of, and prosecutors are often over-zealous in their efforts to secure a conviction. Advocate on your own behalf and protect your future by contacting Arlington arson defense attorney Elizabeth Tuomey now at 703-535-5577.